Product:Om, Nobumasa Takahashi
Santa Claus: Nori

NN Xmas 2011

In 2011, "Corrugated board castle" was built in the house at the Christmas party of NN. The big box of "Cubic glove series" delivered from Fukushin co.,ltd is used.

Separation strategy of parents and a child

If there is a child, it will be hard to attend a party. The request of such parents was received, the castle was built in the house by big corrugated paper, "only children's attractive division into which an adult cannot go" was made from the Christmas party of NN in 2011, and we realized "the party which does not feel uneasy even if it takes a child."

3 DAYS Later

In the case of usual,this is the great corrugated board castle of 2 stories. It is likely to say "stay like this for a while". However, I am an artist! A child's dream is not broken but corrugated board castle breaks. A castle will be built in a house in one day at Christmas, and it will have disappeared in three days. A fantastic three-day castle! (It was also broken in the bodily crush. )

NN Xmas 2011


NOBUMASA TAKAHASHI Idea note 2012 Corrugated board castle Project

Reported by Nobumasa Takahashi