About us

NN takes top priority at “moving human” by connecting individual and individual, so that we act intending “human”.

NN (enuenu) co., ltd. is an experimental company managed by Noritaka Fujinuma and Nobumasa Takahashi who graduated Kuwasawa Design School at 1995.
NN is consisting of the initial letters of Noritaka and Nobumasa; those are the two managers’ given name.
We prioritize the things concerning producing such as investments, development supports, and copyright protections for brought projects and ideas, and attempt to do those from the view point of producer.
As a result, we increase "adult who can do realization of things like a dream," and wish make Japan and even the world more joyful.

Full account

A painter, Nobumasa Takahashi has continued activity of creating since 1996, and his base is home of Noritaka Fujinuma's grandmother that alias is "Bachan house".
"Bachan house" is private home that was built right after the Second World War. In spring, when the plum tree is in bloom, kitties born under the eaves. In summer, ivy and vine fill the outside wall like alleviating sweat of forehead. In autumn, red leaves cover the wood-frame window. In winter, even in the house, white breath is flowing by cold wind.
Since Fujinuma family has offered this place, and Takahashi has continued creating for a decade at this place, the thinking that is "moving human" comes first was born.
Now, this place is becoming "gathering spot" that ingather persons, and various projects pop out by connecting individual and individual.
By putting interesting things among those projects on where everybody can see, and monitoring what will happen, we enjoy changing something of "human". This is our concept.


Noritaka Fujinuma

Nobumasa Takahashi
Artist / Illustrator Art director


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