Client : Red Bull Japan
Art direcition : Nobumasa Takahashi (NN)
Merchandising : Atsushi Takayanagi (NN)
Graphic design : Seiko Makita (NN)
Photograph, Movie : Nori / Mitsuho / Nobumasa Takahashi (NN)
Hand work : Mitsuho / Hazuki / Sorami (NN)

Furoshiki : Suzukine Co., Ltd.
Tenugui : Kanno Orimono Co., Ltd.
Uchiwa : Marugamekoubou Inc.
Cement Bag : Yamamoto Kami Housousha Co., Ltd.
Print : GRAPHIC corporation.
Movie card : Shenzhen Videoinfolder Technology Co., Ltd.

We produced the media kit of "RED BULL BC ONE ASIA PACIFIC FINALS" held in the Kushida shrine in Fukuoka on October 12, 2013.
Most of them are made by hand and it can not be made by machine.
The kit had a big impact and greatly reputable!


The design of wire net was proposed in like the image of the street fashion.
The reverse side is white because it is a screen print.
A tough cloth was used so that it could use also for a tapestry.


The design of wire net was proposed in like the image of the street fashion.
Since it is dyed with "Chusen(Japanese traditional dyeing)", the pattern came out firmly to the reverse side.
The Tenugui was distributed only to the player's B-Boy.
There is a letter "TSUBASA(meaning wing)" on the noshi paper(Japanese traditional wrapping paper).
"Red Bull Gives You Wings"

Marugame Uchiwa

Marugame Uchiwa was adopted.
The pattern looks like the wire net which is the design of Furoshiki and Tenugui.

Cement Bag

The cement bag which looks like a record bag was adopted as an inner bag.
The cut end was made notched.

Profilecard of B-Boy, Judge and MC

Greeting Card

Glossary of B-Boy

Descriptions of outline about the B-Boy history, a term, etc.
Because there was much information, a design like a dictionary was used.

Fukuoka Guide

The information on a map, a route map, and some stores, etc. were summarized.

Movie card in an envelope of Washi

Made with a key word of NN's destroyer Makita(originator of NIKUTOWEL).
This is the main character of this kit!
If the Washi envelope is opened, a movie will be played automatically.
The magnet attached to the edge is a switch.
The opened base movie card is used and it shows touch of Asia! Cool!
This product is completely handmade by NN.

A stencil to the shipping carton


Red Bull Japan
Red Bull BC One Asia
Suzukine Co., Ltd.
Kanno Orimono Co., Ltd.
Yamamoto Kami Housousha Co., Ltd.
GRAPHIC corporation.

Reported by Nobumasa Takahashi