YORKE. Official website

Client: YORKE.
Design, Html cording: Seiko Makita
Photo: Naomi Muto, Might, Yoko Umemoto
Artwork: YORKE.

We have been making web site for YORKE. the painter.
So far we have renewed and redesigned his site twice in order to update the site to his style.

First generation

Using flash as a tool the design shows his perspectives and style.

Second generation

YORKE.’s main activity has geared towards live painting that the second generation web site is design to show snap shots of his live.


YORKE. has started many different activities that web site needed flexibility in contents. We have added an area which we can add even miscellaneous activities.


YORKE. Official website
Naomi Muto Official site

Reported by Seiko Makita