About "superimpose series"

Artist goods ≠ Products whose work can be clearly seen

It is the product series as the tool. The hue of the picture changes by using. This is a unique experimental plan by Atsushi Takayanagi of NN buyer. He owns the right to break the work of their art because he has been spending many years with the artists.

End of sale.
It was sold during November 30, 2014 from May 20, 2013.


superimpose series : clear folder
Size : W 220 × H 310 mm (A4 size)
Price : ¥400 / Material : polypropylene / Made in Japan
Stock number : GISIC 001

This clear folder seems to be an intriguing pattern, but it is the structure that a picture or a design are appearing by using it.

Nobumasa Takahashi
Nobumasa Takahashi is the artist who sends the maniac work to the world. He made an atelier "Ba-chang House" of Itabashi Tokyo the base.