Seiko Makita
Director / Web Designer / Graphic Designer

1980Born in Funabashi, Chiba prefecture, Japan.
2001Graduated from Sokei Art school specializing in Visual design.
2003Designed and project managed both print and web marketing related materials for “Nature” branded journals at NPG Nature Asia-Pacific.
2005Started freelancing design projects mainly for STM industry.
2008Established art/design firm “NN” with some established artists trying to bring out best mix of art and design in multimedia.

Creating good visuals and building a good relationship with a client somehow goes together.Good design does not happen by itself but with help of clients and other people.I understand importance of having a good relationship.I have been trying to bring a moment of surprises, happiness and blessings in daily life into a media by designing in depth.My portfolio consists of both print and web design especially in the field of science and medicine.

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